Globodox Workflow

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What do you want to do?

Learn about Globodox Workflow

Workflow Designer
Learn about Workflow Designer

Workflow Monitor
Learn about Workflow Monitor
Auto Publish - Activity
Auto Stamp - Activity
Share - Activity

General Activities (Tasks)
Learn about Tasks to create workflows.
Signature - Activity
Apply Security Label - Activity
Review - Activity
Learn how you can route a document for review, to one or more users.

Conditions and Loops
Learn about Conditions and Loops to create workflows.

Create Workflows
Create Workflows using the Workflow Designer

Start a Workflow and Perform a Workflow Task
Start a workflow

Monitor a Workflow
Monitor a Workflow by using the Workflow Monitor

Modify a Workflow
Modify a Workflow using the Workflow Designer

Delete a Workflow
Delete a Workflow from the Workflow Designer

Send Messages to Users Email Address
Configure Workflow to send messages to a user's E-mail address

Send Task to a User's Email Address
Configure workflow to send tasks to a user's E-mail Address

Export a Workflow Log
Export Workflow log to a CSV file





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