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You can create a Folder by clicking the Create New button in the Folders node.

To Create a Folder

1.In Globodox, select Workspace > Folders in the Navigation pane.
2.Now, click the Create New to create a new Folder.
3.Enter a name for the Folder and hit the Enter key.

When you create a Globodox folder no folder is being created on your system. Globodox folders are just used to categorize your documents and not store them. All your documents are stored in the DB's File Store.


You can also right click a Folder and click the New Folder option to create a sibling folder. This option is very helpful when you have a long list of folders, as it becomes unmanageable to scroll every now and then to click the Create new button, to create a new folder. This option also helpful when you have a long list of sub folders, as you have to scroll above to select the parent folder and then right click it to create a sub-folder.
You will be the Owner of the folders that you have created.
You can also create sub folders for the parent folder.
You can move one folder to another folder by drag and drop.

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