Add Stacks to a Stack Type

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An entry (or record/case) added to a Stack Type is called a Stack.
For example:
Let's say you have a Stack Type called Customers, which you use to manage your customer records. Each customer's details added to this Stack Type is called a Stack.

To Add a Stack to a Stack Type

1.In Globodox, select Workspace > Stack Types in the Navigation pane.
2.Select a Stack Type from the Stack Type node to create a Stack for it.
3.Click the New button to create a Stack. The New Stack window will now be launched.
4.By default the Information pane will be displayed on the left side of the Stack Details pane.
5.Enter appropriate descriptive/indexing information of the Stack in the respective data fields.
6.Click the Save button on the Information bar to save the information.
You can now relate this Stack with a document, from the Information pane. For more information, see Relate a Stack to a Document.


You will be the Owner of the Stacks that you have created.
By default 50 stacks will be displayed in the List View pane. If you have added more than 50 stacks, they will moved to the next page. To view the stacks displayed on the next page, use the Next button below the List View pane.

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