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What are Stacks and Stack Types?
Learn more about Stacks and Stack Types

Stack - FAQ
View Stacks - Frequently asked questions

Stack Details Window
Learn about Stack Details window

Create a Stack Type
Create a Stack Type to manage your data

Modify a Stack Type
Modify a Stack Type

Add Stacks to a Stack Type
Create Stacks

Relate Stack to a Document
Relate Stack to a Document by creating a strong link

Link Document with Stacks
Create loose links between Documents  and Stacks

Link Two or More Stacks
Create loose links between Documents and Stacks

Enter Comments for a Stack
Enter Comments or Notes for a Stack

Break Relation Between Stack and Document
Break Relation between Stack and Document

Break Links of a Stack
Break Links between Stack and Document

Delete a Stack
Delete a Stack from the Globodox DB

Share Stacks with Other Users
Share Stacks owned by you with other users

Print Documents Related to a Stack
Print all documents related to a Stack

Navigate Documents in a Stack in Continuous Mode
Navigate through the documents related to Stack in continuous mode

Assign Stack to Another User
Assign Stacks owned by you to another user

Restrict Users from Viewing Stacks
Restrict users who have privileges to view your Stacks

Update Common Indexing Information for Multiple Stacks

Learn how to update common indexing information for multiple stacks





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