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You can select or double click a document in the List View pane to view or edit it using Globodox Internal Viewer or You can open a document in its associated application.
For example:
Let's say that you want to open a .xls file, by selecting the Open in Associated Application option, the .xls files will open in MS Excel instead of Globodox Internal Viewer.


To Open a Document

1.Select a document from the List View pane.
2.A preview of the document along with its details will be displayed in the Document Details pane Or, double click a document from the list to open it in the Document Details window.

To Open a Document in its Associated Application

1.Select a document from the List View pane. The document will now be displayed in the Documents Details pane.
2.Click the Open drop-down and select the View in Associated Application of the Home tab, Or right click the document in the List View pane and select the Open > View in Associated Application option from the popup menu.
If you use any of the Open options of the Home tab to try and view a document which is in the checked out state, then Globodox will open the last checked-in copy of the document for viewing. This will happen even if the user trying to view the document is the same as the user who has checked out that document. For more information, see Document Check-in/Check out.


In the Document details window the icon of the associated file type of the document is displayed on the right hand side of the window. You can click this  icon to open the document in its associated application.
Globodox supports the preview of most image file formats. You can manage files of any format using Globodox. Files which have a format which Globodox cannot display using it's internal viewer can be opened for viewing in their associated application (for e.g. .DOC files in MS Word) by clicking the Click here to open the document in its associated application link in the Display pane of the Document Details window.
By default 50 documents are be displayed in the List View pane. If you have added more than 50 documents they will be moved to the next page. To view the documents displayed on the next page use the navigation buttons below the List View pane
You can also select an application to open a document, to do this select the Open in Selected Application option from the Open drop-down. For e.g. Lets say that you want to open .bmp files, by selecting the View in Selected Application option, you can choose an application for e.g. MS Paint to view the file, instead of using the default application.

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